Dee-dee Davidson is a RYT-200.  She has a developed a deep love for yoga over the past 15 years of her practice and brings a sense of creativity and vitality to her classes. She is currently working towards a degree in Yoga Studies and Psychology at Naropa University and plans to continue on to become an IAYT (Yoga Therapist) for mental health. 

 I began my yoga experience at a Bikram Yoga Studio in my early twenties while still in college. At the time, I was inspired to continue practicing yoga, mainly for the physical benefits. Many years later, I underwent yoga teacher training with Rebecca Sathre of URU Yoga & Beyond and began the journey of connecting to my true self. A shift occurred in my practice and I was able to give myself permission to be authentic, love the way I am, and connect with others more openly, consciously, and deeply. Yoga has taught me so much, and I hope yoga can do the same for you. Om Shanti.
Jennifer practices and incorporates mindfulness, meditation, pranayama, and chanting to her classes. She has a strong and calm presence. She is an advocate for all beings and enjoys spending as much time outdoors. She loves her yoga community and is grateful each day that she gets to connect with other beings through yoga.
Lokah samasta sukhino bavantu. May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may our thoughts, words, and actions contribute to their happiness and freedom for all, Namaste.

We're dedicated to making various forms and levels of yoga and healing practicies available to everyone.  We offer classes, courses, and workshops that shed light on the interpreting and incorporating the nature of yoga and spirituality with all other aspects of life. We welcome your questions, feedback and insights as you and we evolve.


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My Teachings
I started my exploration of Yoga in early 1990s while living in England.  My interest in Yoga grew rapidly and eventually after several years of studies, I have completed requirements for certifications to become a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist but learning continues.
I have learned from my studies and my own practice that true empowerment can only be achieved when the approach to Yoga is modified based on our needs. Movement from posture to posture has many elements, each affecting each one of us in a different way. I emphasize this uniqueness to help my students to find their own path on this journey.  I teach gentle, traditional Yoga, focusing on the deep inner experience where the physical body alignment of each asana is just a beginning, a door which leads to deeper exploration of all associated sensations (physical, emotional, spiritual).  My classes enable the students to reconnect with their bodies, to become aware of life of their body and of its wisdom and to develop understanding of one’s abilities and limitations to make the practice more effective and beneficial in support of the spiritual path and physically and mentally healthy life.  I welcome everyone who comes to my classes, without exceptions, as I know that Yoga is good for everyone and that everyone is good for Yoga. We are all where and how we should be and that is a perfect starting point in one’s individual journey of Yoga, so come embark with us on this journey, at the Elevated Yoga Studio!

Monica has been a student of yoga for over 8 years and has recently become a teacher of it. Monica's class will bring you deeper into yourself by centering on the breath, intentions, and overall awareness. Monica is also passionate about bringing benefits of yoga to young people. Along with a bachelor’s in Education with licensure to teach elementary and special education, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her yoga instruction for children. With compassion guiding her lessons, they often focus on body awareness, confidence building, conscious awareness, and attention. When Monica is off the mat, she enjoys being and breathing outside in nature, or under a cozy blanket with tea and a good book.

Lora Goetz

I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and am studying toward my RYT 500 certification. I enjoy teaching various styles of yoga practice, such as hatha, yin and yoga nidra. In my classes, I try to bring focus to activating and communicating with all the parts of our body, bringing the mind into the present moment and allowing integration of body, mind and spirit.


Our founder George, and all of our teachers and therapists/healers are here to help inspire you to engage in practice of Yoga and to embark on this spiritual journey that Yoga is. Come try a variety of classes, healing sessions and workshops at our Elevated Yoga Studio or at, what we call, a Yoga sanctuary.





Meet Our Staff

Mirelle (Mimi)

About Us

Born in Mexico City and raised in a small Kansas town.  I moved to beautiful Colorado in 2015 after spending five Winters in the Minnesota tundra! I have been a student of Yoga for many years, and obtained my 200-hour RYT certification from the amazing TT course at Elevated Yoga Studio in 2018.
My approach to teaching is compassionate and gentle. I teach humbly and with deep respect to each individuals’ personal practice. I focus on the breath, letting go and letting be. I believe that each practice allows us to connect deeply with ourselves, and it allows us to grow and transform from within so we can find our peace.
Off the mat I live a very active lifestyle.  I do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and practice the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. I am an avid traveler, and I love spending time with my wonderful husband, step-son and our fur baby, Dublin.

Here are our teachers and therapists - we will be adding more special teachers soon!

Sue Young has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. She is a first generation Kaiut yoga instructor studying directly with Francisco Kaiut, the founder of the Kaiut lineage. As a world class ultra endurance tri-athlete, Sue has gained a very rare and direct understanding of the mind-body connection.  She believes that going deeply into the body, and ultimately through it, is how lasting inner peace is achieved. This is a wisdom that is available to all, and informs her Kaiut teaching.  Sue is a world traveler, joyful mother, ex-fortune 500 executive, and an exuberant, but sadly lacking in skill, karaoke singer.


Laurie Love began practicing yoga in 2006 while on a quest for attaining optimal health, and fell in love at first savasana. She received her 200-hour yoga certification from Karma Yoga Center in Denver, Colorado in November, 2010, and has been teaching both public and private yoga ever since. Laurie creates a unique yogic journey in every practice integrating various elements of the Forrest, Vinyasa, Tantra, Anusara and Yin yoga traditions in her classes. She is passionate about sharing her dharma with her students and weaving in yoga philosophy, astrological insights, plant medicine wisdom, and energy healing. She loves helping students find their edge, explore outside of their comfort zone, and take their practice off their mats and into the world! Laurie is also a Certified Advanced & Holy Fire Reiki practitioner, gardener, evolutionary astrology practitioner, and herbalist working toward her clinical herbalism and nutrition certifications at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism.


Mirelle Calderin is a graduate of the Four Pillars of Freedom from Inner Strength Studios in Watertown, Massachusetts. Certain that yoga generates energy from within, she facilitates a deeper dialogue on alignment, strength and breathe during her yoga teachings. She believes that when you learn to harness your own internal energy, it can be used to heal the body and improve one's everyday life.

We're a unique yoga studio dedicated to recovering what we believe is the essence of yoga: a traditional yoga philosophy and practice available to everyone.

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Originally from Boston, I have now lived in Boulder county for over 40 years. I love our sunshine and healthy, outdoors lifestyle! Yoga has been a part of my personal healthy lifestyle for 30 years. Having become more consistent over the last three years, is what led me to become a certified yoga teacher. Having a regular yoga practice brings strength, flexibility, and a greater sense of well-being. I love teaching others about yoga from the 8 Limbs of Yoga perspective, bringing greater awareness to, and transforming, mind, body and spirit. Please join me and be transformed inside and out!