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Taoist Yoga

by Angela and Cat
Taoist Yoga works to cultivate life energy. It stems from an ancient
Chinese system of postures, exercises, breathing techniques,and meditations.
Its techniques are designed to improve and enhance the body's Chi.
According to traditional Chinese philosophy, Chi is the fundamental life
energy responsible for health and vitality.

Mondays: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Join the "Community of Spirit"

in Spain, near Granada, April 14, 2018

"Allow yourself to become who you already are! And, to invoke the healing capabilities you already have within. Rediscover you. Find yourself enough to live a complete and healthy life. In the Community of Spirit you will return home to the sense of freedom, the oneness you have long desired."

Links to more information:

Yoga en Español
Nosotros vamos a reiniciar nuestro clase de yoga para el 24 de Enero!
Vengan a practicar Yoga en tu lengua nativa o para mejorar tu español
y a la vez recibir los beneficios del Yoga!

Cuando:  Miércoles a las 6:00-7:00pm
Profesora:  Mirelle Calderin


Class Schedule: Weekly  or Monthly

New Yoga Teacher Workshop
Yoga History and Philosophy
Spiritual Side of Yoga
Mind and Consciousness
Teaching Principles
Designing Yoga Class
Different Types of Yoga

Yoga Therapy - Using Yoga as Therapy

Weekend Sessions will begin in April 2018

Spiritual Mindfulness Series
Spirituality – Awareness of What We Are
Spirituality – Awareness of Where We are
The Essence of Meditation
Yoga as Meditation
Eight Limbs of Yoga
Eight-Fold Path
Spiritual Yoga – Union, Oneness

Upanishads and Quantum Physics

Two 1.5 hour sessions - Scheduled TBD

Reserve space ($20) or register ($65)

Yoga for Creativity

A very different way to practice yoga in a group environment

We are all creative! Creativity can be sparked by external sources like relationships and Nature but mostly by our inner desire to express what our spirit is.  To expose our creativity is to become aware of our spirituality, our consciousness.  Yoga and meditation are one of the best ways to stimulate such exploration by removing the ‘noise’ which prevents us from ‘seeing’ who we really are and how we can express ourselves in a true way. Yoga being taught in a class environment, as powerful as it is, has its limitations as it does not allow for creative journey from posture to posture.

The ‘Yoga for Creativity’ will allow the participants time to explore their creative nature with the teacher assisting in that journey.  There will be periods allowing you to journey from posture to posture, your body and your spirit feel like exploring and there will be periods where you will ‘stand back’, absorb and create your next entire flow.  The teacher will be there to help with sequencing.  There will also be time to talk about it and share.  Come join us to experience this fresh and novel way to practice yoga in the group environment and enrich your creativity.  

Once a month sessions will start in May 2018

If interested, please contact us for more information

+1 720-745-1084  •  Get Directions

The Art of Teaching Yoga
Am I a Yoga Instructor or a Yoga Teacher?
Am I ready to be a Yoga Teacher?

What (and why) do I want to teach?
The question is more important than the answer and we will try to help you to find your question, the question which reflects your deep desires. The answer is already there waiting for the question to be asked.

We will explore the following aspects of being a Yoga teacher:

Session I:

  • Teacher vs. Instructor
  • Who the teacher is
  • What we teach
  • How we teach
  • Why we teach
  • Why I teach

Session II:

  • Teaching as an art of the soul
  • Teaching as a service to the souls
  • Creativity in teaching Yoga
  • Teaching as a selfless act
  • Teaching is to inspire one to …
  • Promoting services of a Yoga Teacher

Two Sessions on Sundays at 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM:

Send us an email or call at 720-745-1084 for more information

"Meditation Course"

3 Sessions on Sundays at 7:00  PM - 8:15 PM

Next course starts on January 14, 2018

(Please click here for Syllabus)

Tremendous health benefits of meditation have been proven by many studies. If you have never try to meditate or if you already meditate this course will help you to find the way to meditate that resonates with you and therefore is easier for you to continue.
You will learn:
    - Insight (Vipassana) Meditation
    - Metta (Loving-Kindness) Meditation
    - Tonglen (Giving and Receiving) Meditation
    - Mindfulness Meditation
    - Walking Meditation
    - Eating Meditation
    - Zazen (Soto and Rinzai)
    - Other kinds of meditation (healing, touch-points, single object, etc.)
In addition, you will learn more about:
    - Meditation benefits
    - Mind and different parts of it
    - How to deal with thinking and thoughts
    - Mind hindrances and how to deal with them
    - How to start your own meditation practice
The fee for the whole course of three 75 min sessions is $65 at the door, and $60 when purchases before 1/11/18. You can make payments
on this website or at the studio (credit cards, checks, cash).

Send us an email or call at 720-745-1084 for details and to register

"Embark on Spiritual Journey"

To just deepen your spirituality and knowledge of  Yoga and other Eastern philosophies or also to share it with others (teach)

- Follow your passion - everything else is a distraction -

Next Yoga Teacher Certification Course:

January 9, 2018 - May 20, 2018

Syllabus meets YA and IYF requirements

In summary:

  • It is a true spiritual journey - embark on it!
  • Explore the indigenous part of you
  • Learn how to selflessly serve others as Yoga Teacher
  • Extensive curriculum: certification for 200-Hour  level (exceeds RYT-200 requirements of Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation)
  • Easier on your life activities - flexible schedule
  • We have catch up sessions if you need to miss a class
  • You will be ready to teach once you graduate
  • You will be offered to teach at our studio
  • Your yoga classes are free to you during the course
  • Affordable!

Let us know if you'd like to talk to our current students or graduates.

Click herefor syllabus and for details on schedule and requirements

Send us an email or call at 720-745-1084 for details and to register