The Art of Teaching Yoga
Am I a Yoga Instructor or a Yoga Teacher?
Am I ready to be a Yoga Teacher?

What (and why) do I want to teach?
The question is more important than the answer and we will try to find the right question for you, the question which reflects your deep desires. The answer is already there waiting for the question to be asked.

We will explore the following aspects of being a Yoga teacher:

Session I:

  • Teacher vs. Instructor
  • Who the teacher is
  • What we teach
  • How we teach
  • Why we teach
  • Why I teach

Session II:

  • Teaching as an art of the soul
  • Teaching as a service to the soul
  • Creativity in teaching Yoga
  • Teaching as a selfless act
  • Teaching is to inspire one to …
  • Promoting services of a Yoga Teacher

Two Sessions on Sundays at 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM:

June 11 and 18

Fee for two 75 min sessions is $40

Early Registration (before 6/5) $35

Each session is available separately for $20

Send us an email or call at 720-745-1084 to pre-register or for more information

Class Schedule: Weekly  or Monthly

2017 Full Moon Times, Dates, Names and

Sessions Schedule
Jan. 12    –  Wolf Moon              (6:34 a.m. –  11:34)
Feb. 10   –  Snow Moon              (7:33 p.m. –  00:33 (2/11))

Mar. 12  –  Worm Moon             (10:54 a.m. –  15:54)

Apr. 11   –  Pink Moon                (2:08 a.m. –  07:08)

May 10   –  Flower Moon            (5:43 p.m. –  22:43)
June 9     –  Strawberry Moon     (9:10 a.m. –  14:10)

                   Session: 6/9 (Friday) at 7:30 PM
July 9     –  Buck Moon               (12:07 a.m. –  05:07)

                   Session: 7/9 (Sunday) at 7:30 PM
Aug. 7    –  Sturgeon Moon         (2:11 p.m. –  19:11)

                   Session: 8/6 (Sunday) at 7:30 PM
Sept. 6    –  Harvest Moon           (3:03 a.m. –  08:03)

                   Session: 9/6 (Tuesday) at 7:30 PM
Oct. 5     –  Hunter's Moon          (2:40 p.m. –  19:40)

                   Session: 10/5 (Thursday) at 7:30 PM
Nov. 4    –  Beaver Moon            (12:23 a.m. –  05:23)

                    Session: 11/4 (Saturday) at 7:30 PM
Dec. 3     –  Cold Moon               (10:47 a.m. –  15:47)

               Session: 12/3 (Sunday) at 7:30 PM

Yoga for Creativity

A very different way to practice yoga in a group environment

We are all creative! Creativity can be sparked by external sources like relationships and Nature but mostly by our inner desire to express what our spirit is.  To expose our creativity is to become aware of our spirituality, our consciousness.  Yoga and meditation are one of the best ways to stimulate such exploration by removing the ‘noise’ which prevents us from ‘seeing’ who we really are and how we can express ourselves in a true way. Yoga being taught in a class environment, as powerful as it is, has its limitations as it does not allow for creative journey from posture to posture.

The ‘Yoga for Creativity’ will allow the participants time to explore their creative nature with the teacher assisting in that journey.  There will be periods allowing you to journey from posture to posture, your body and your spirit feel like exploring and there will be periods where you will ‘stand back’, absorb and create your next entire flow.  The teacher will be there to help with sequencing.  There will also be time to talk about it and share.  Come join us to experience this fresh and novel way to practice yoga in the group environment and enrich your creativity.  

Once a month session - first session - February 16 at 6:45 PM

Sessions continue on every second Wednesday of the month

Class is recommended for intermediate or advanced yogis - regular fees apply

- registration is required -

Ready for one of our special sessions

Celebrating Full Moon- Session VI

Friday - June 9 at 7:30 PM - 8:45 PM
Experiencing Full "Strawberry" Moon
The energy of the Moon and the attraction forces between Moon and Earth, strongly influence life cycles and our personal energy.  We will explore that during each occurrence of the Full Moon. 

Early registration is suggested.  Please emailor call at 720-745-1084;

Fee:  $15 (your payment = registration, click here)

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Yoga with Massage
Are you aware of where you are stuck in your body or in your mind about what your body can do? Would you like to push past these blocks to deepen your yoga practice?   Liz Giles is joining Elevated to co-facilitate a Yoga/Massage Fusion class with George. The 75 min program is scheduled for Tuesdays at 5:30 PM.   During our Yin/Yang Yoga class Liz will be helping each person open their bodies up with gentle massage and stretching to establish a more freeing yoga experience! ​Come join us!  Here is what some of our participants wrote after the session: "Incorporating some massage during yoga was something I have not experienced before, and it seemed like my yoga poses were much better by the end of the session.  I also felt very relaxed, but rejuvenated afterwards!  As you know I have been dealing with a foot injury, and this technique seemed very helpful and healing."
- Amy

"Integrating massage into my yoga practice in the yoga/massage fusion class enhanced my relaxation capacity to a whole new level. I became more grounded and aware of my breathing and my body's needs. Elizabeth massaged my hip and thigh area and I was able go into hip poses with much more ease after the massage. The experience was amazing and I feel grateful to have been a part of it! " - Michelle
You can read more about Liz on her website.   Email us  to register 

Class Fee: $20 for both yoga and massage, 5 class pass - $100 (valid 3 months) and receive a 20% discount on massage session with Liz.

"Embark on Spiritual Journey"

A Different Way to Become a Yoga Teacher

Next Yoga Teacher Certification Course

starts on August 27, 2017!

But you can also join the current class of 9 people and continue later, for no extra fee

Learn deeper side of Yoga and how and what to teach others, in much more affordable way and easier on your schedule!

In summary:

  • It is a true spiritual journey - embark on it!
  • Extensive curriculum (exceeds RYT-200 requirements)
  • Easier on your life activities - flexible schedule
  • We have catch up sessions if you need to miss a class
  • You will be ready to teach once you graduate
  • You will be offered to teach at our studio
  • Your yoga classes during the course are free to you
  • Affordable! - the cost is less than half of standard TT fees (no need to take a loan to become a Yoga Teacher)
Let us know if you'd like to talk to our current students or graduates.

Follow your passion - everything else is a distraction.

Send us an email or call at 720-745-1084 for details and to register