Welcome to our sanctuary where yoga, spirituality and healing happen!

We have been teaching traditional yoga, meditation and special programs in Longmont for over 10 years!

We are perhaps the oldest yoga school in Longmont.

Our fees are affordable and we do not charge for use of studio mats, blankets and other props.

We accommodate people with different financial needs and some of our programs are donation based.

We accept:  All levels – All needs – All ages

Our teaching focuses on deep conscious awareness of

who, how and where we are.

Join us!  Change your life, because You can!

We are expanding our teachings globally via our second studio in Paris - Antima Yoga

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You do not need to be flexible, strong, slim, healthy or a gymnast to practice yoga in our studio, so come the way you are and we can help you to become more flexible, stronger, slimmer and healthier.  But we will not strive to make you a gymnast.  Our fees are low and we do not charge for use of our mats, blocks, blankets, or other props, like most of yoga studios do.

Our associates provide many other therapeutic services for you to have an easy access to alternative treatments.

This is the way we are, because we are not just a Yoga studio where one comes to practice Yoga postures and flows, because Yoga is not the postures, it does not even start there.  Yoga is a complete union of mind, body, spirit and everything around you and this is what we teach and this is the experience we all come here for. You will not see pictures of people practicing yoga or meditation on these pages, because yoga is what the practitioner experiences and not what the observer sees.

Join us, make Elevated Yoga Studio your very special place and start changing your life, because you can!

You may find it to be "... the warm, cozy space .... feels like something I must have dreamed up.", as the Daily Camera reporter

put it (click here to read the whole review)

What our students say:

"I searched for months for a good yoga studio in Longmont. One completely free of ego. A place that is comforting and calming. This studio is tucked away on main street and boy what a gem it is. Ego free, small class sizes, and 100% personable. Would recommend!"

"Fantastic yoga classes and instruction. This is how yoga should be: a beautiful connection between mind and body, relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time, calming and spiritual. I always finish every class feeling stress-free, calm, relaxed, and emotionally and physically connected. Thank you for offering such a unique experience!"

"And this is why we come here. It's what true yoga is all about. Definitely not gym yoga. Thanks George for providing this peaceful haven for us. Namaste"

"Best yoga class out there for mind body spirit balancing."  

"Thanks for leading a great class today. The space is very welcoming and the energy was full of kindness and compassion. I wish I could find such a space in Minneapolis"     ... more on Facebook

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Partial view of where yoga, healing and spirituality happen.

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Current and New Courses

Yin Yoga Teacher Certification - September 29 - November 3 (details)

300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Retreats in Costa Rica, Spain, Belize and India with 2 modules also available online (details)

All courses are registered with Yoga Alliance (more info)

Complete Schedule: Weekly or Monthly

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Come and elevate your yoga experience to a higher level in our very special place we call Elevated Yoga Studio.  Everyone is welcome here, without exceptions because yoga is good for everyone, as everyone, without exceptions, can practice it and benefit from it.


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We are bringing a new wave of Yoga Teachers and Yoga practitioners to join Yoga movement in this and other countries, the teachers who follow Yoga science of the ancient Yogis and Yoga movement founded over 5000 years ago. 

Come, become a new (ancient) wave Yoga teacher and the follower of the ancient wisdom.

There is only one Yoga.  Learn it, practice it, teach it.

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