Elevated is expanding!

We are taking our teachings much deeper into the core of our studio's nature and will be adding many special programs like therapeutic yoga classes (for back, shoulder pain, etc.), Yoga for 5 Elements, Yoga for Meridians, exploring your spirituality, consciousness awareness, meditation courses, balancing your life, dealing with anxieties, weight control, plus special talks and educational courses (living awaken  life, aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese medicine, alternative  medicine, etc.). Each program will consist of 3-5 sessions.

Also, we will be adding many more yoga classes in September!

Check back for details or send us an email so we can send you updates and more information when it becomes available.

Studio will be closed for Summer break from 7/31 - 8/13 but Monday Qigong classes will continue!


Come and elevate your yoga experience to a higher level in our very special place we call Elevated Yoga Studio.  Everyone is welcome here, without exceptions because yoga is good for everyone, as everyone, without exceptions, can practice it and benefit from it.


Partial view of where yoga, healing and spirituality happen

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You Can Change Your Life!

Welcome to our sanctuary where yoga, spirituality and healing happen!

We have been teaching traditional yoga, meditation and special programs in Longmont for over 8 years!

We are perhaps the oldest yoga school in Longmont and very affordable too (we do not charge for use of studio mats, blankets and other props)!

You do not need to be flexible, strong, slim, healthy or a gymnast to practice yoga in our studio, so come the way you are and we can help you to become more flexible, stronger, slimmer and healthier.  But we will not strive to make you a gymnast.  Our fees are low and we do not charge for use of our mats, blocks, blankets, or other props, like most of yoga studios do.

Our associates provide many other therapeutic services for you to have an easy access to alternative treatments.

This is the way we are, because we are not just a Yoga studio where one comes to practice Yoga postures and flows, because Yoga is not the postures, it does not even start there.  Yoga is a complete union of mind, body, spirit and everything around you and this is what we teach and this is the experience we all come here for. You will not see pictures of people practicing yoga or meditation on these pages, because yoga is what the practitioner experiences and not what the observer sees.

Join us, make Elevated Yoga Studio your very special place and start changing your life, because you can!

You may find it to be "... the warm, cozy space .... feels like something I must have dreamed up.", as the Daily Camera reporter

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Studio will be closed for Summer break from 7/31 - 8/13 but Monday Qigong classes will continue!

Studio space is available for your events, workshops, talks, gatherings, ...

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Upcoming Special Programs
Yoga Teacher Training (8/20/16 – 12/17/16)
Weight Reduction Program – Shape Your Body by Shaping Your Life

(8/23/16 – 9/6/16)
Balance Your Life – Elevate Your Life (September 2016)
Exploring Spirituality (September 2016)
Yoga for Healthy Back and Shoulders (September 2016)
Five Elements Yoga Series (October 2016)
Yoga for Meridians Program (October 2016)
Living Awaken Life Program (November 2016)

… and more

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Join us and students from Indiana to Italy via Skype